4th generation electric rollers are about to serve the city

In the first period ten electric rollers are planned to procure in Paks in order to take more and more people into the e-mobility program.

City authorities tested electric rollers. The plan is to procure environment-friendly vehicles in order to take more and more people into the e-mobility program. In the first period ten electric rollers are planned to procure. The elctric bikes and rollers are going to be charged in several points around the city. The location of these charging points in not known punctually yet but they will be at busy parts of the city for example at the NPP and the building estate. – said János Bana Vice Mayor

A 2nd generation utility was tested but a moderner 4th generation is planned to procure. These vehicles are able to come 50-60 kilometres with one full charge. In connection with this system it is important to talk about the Paks Card. The owners of this card will have resort to use them until the maximum 30 km/h speed. The vehicles are equipped with special security systems. 


Electric car testing started in Paks

Protheus Holding plc. is testing EVs from different manufacturers in the next period of time. The first one is a Kia Soul which is designed for environment-friendly local driving. Later on a Nissan Leaf and a Volswagen e-Golf is coming to Paks as well.

 The will of the Municipality is to be one of the first ones serving the needed car fleet for professional administration by electric ones as an example for the green angle. Within the framework of the successful IKOP tender the Municipality is procuring electric buses and trucks besides the cars. For these vehicles a garage and a charging station is going to be at service as well. – added János Bana Vice Mayor.

As a part of the project changing the cars of the local taxi companies into EVs in under planning and negotiating. These companies also have the opportunity to try out the test cars. Besides this an electric bike and roller share system is going to serve the population of the city. 


Electric vehicles in the city

The handing in of the Protheus Project to Brussels is planned for September. Until this date the last annexes are going to be taken to the documentation as well. They also contain countings for the sustainability of the mobility program. 

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