The Smart City conception of Paks is about to create an innovative, livable, sustainable and healthy city. The city cooperates with the business and non-profit sector, utility companies, consultants and international organizations. The aim of these cooperations is to use innovative and energy-efficient technological solutions while solving everyday tasks and reaching long-term aims.

Members of Supervisory Board: Dr. Imre Bogdán, Roland Koósz

President of Supervisory Board: János Bana

CEO (chief executive officer): Zoltán Szabó

Main pillars of the project


We are changing traditional vehicles into alternative-powered ones in public transport as decreasing air pollution of the city. Furthermore, we are establishing the needed infrastructure for transport. The computability of the paches and the dynamic transport will be provided by a special application developed only for this aim.

Smart population

Our aim is to form a community which supports our smart city ambitions and provides an effective streaming of information and ideas. With the help of our social media site(s) we can easily inform our followers about Smart City issues, expressions and methods. By organizing events we would like to urge people who are interested in this field to join us.


For our company it is important to hunt up and practice smart methods which can decrease energy consumption as for a city and as for a person. With the use of the most modern technologies we would like to temper the energy-need of buildings so they can reduce their costs. With the involvement of the population we can easily analyze the energy use of homes and work up economy programmes.